Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Back from Reno

We came back from Reno yesterday but were worn out from the trip. We did enjoy ourselves but feel like we won't return for awhile unless there's something important we need to go for. (Occasionally Dave likes to go for a concert that isn't available in our area.) It's such a long drive and travel by plane is such a hassle these days that it's not a good alternative.

Saturday night we had a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert to attend. They were great but we were frustrated with the trio of women two rows ahead who all stood on their seats for the entire concert. We kept manuevering to see around them. Two different people tried to get them to get down so they could see. The entire row behind them emptied out as people went elsewhere to get a view of the concert. They seemed to think this was funny. Is our culture simply churning out more and more self absorbed people? It seems so.

The drive up and back was populated by drivers who were suicidal or homicidal or some combination of both. I woke up from a brief nap to see a large RV beside us coming at me as they decided they wanted to occupy the space we were in. Having nowhere to go Dave braked sharply and somehow they fit their 20 something foot RV in just ahead of us without clipping our bumper. I didn't believe we made it through that unscathed.

Later in the trip we watched as a car came over into the fast lane already occupied by an SUV whose driver was forced onto the shoulder of the road to avoid the collision, then had to brake sharply to avoid running into a road sign concerning work being done so they could get back into their lane. We were really identifying with that poor driver. We watched as the driver later did the same thing to another driver on their right and only a couple of lane changes later finally using their turn signals. I didn't think they worked.

These were just a few of the experiences that made us realize that maybe it was time to give the Reno trip a rest and find some of our recreating closer to home. If we want to make longer trips, we reasoned, we ought to reserve them for going places we haven't already been.

On the bright side, we had a better hotel than our budget Tahoe trip. We stayed at the Fairfield Inn in Sparks. Our room had a sitting room with a tv and stereo, had a little kitchenette area with a microwave and fridge, an internet hookup by a desk, and a second tv in the bedroom area. Everything was nice and clean (unlike our budget Tahoe hotel). We got there in time to watch Stargate and they had the SciFi channel. Yes I could do this at home since I have Tivo but after a long drive it was just the thing.

Reno is always such a foreign culture to me. Yes it's still the U.S. but the subculture is so different. It's all Western, meat based, conservative, and vegetarian queer liberal folks like me are a distinct minority. Billboards proudly proclaim that X restaurant serves the biggest steak in town. I know there are people like me because there's a hippie store and a health food store and we saw a rainbow sticker on someone's motorcycle. Reportedly there are gay bars even. Yet it's clearly not our town. Finding vegetarian options is always a challenge and my favorite accomodating restaurant, Art Gecko's, has switched to a combination of sushi and pizza in two mini restaurants. This makes me sad as I had the best southwestern style vegetarian fettucini there, and I fondly remember their tri-color-chips-with-several-different-salsas appetizer.

I'm glad to be back, though, and diving into my job search. I may temp for awhile if I don't see anything appealing.
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