Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Nice but not pain free day

I had plans to visit my friend Becca in the city today but woke up at 4 am with a splitting headache. My meds had worn off. I finally got up and took Tylenol, because I wanted to be safe to drive. Didn't work but I did get back to sleep. I woke up to my alarm and a still raging headache. I tried to imagine driving to Becca's apartment but just couldn't imagine it. The sunlight alone would have blinded me.

I was crying for a bit, feeling really sorry for myself. I hadn't been able to spend any real time with her in quite awhile.

Finally when I heard Dave get up I asked him to call and let her know I wouldn't be coming. He offered to drive me. So we were getting off to a late start and I called to let her know we'd arrive a bit later. Upon finding out that I had a migraine she let me know that her husband was having a group of friends over, thinking she originally was coming to my house or that we'd be out. It wasn't going to be a good (ie quiet) situation for me if I had a migraine.

Since she didn't have the use of a car and transit would take so long we were in a quandary but then Dave said he could pick her up.

Our final arrangement was Dave going to pick her up and dropping her at the transit station in a nearby city for the quickest connection home.

Have I said lately that I am married to an incredibly sweet man? I had a wonderful day in spite of this pain because of his willingness to go literally out of his way on a Sunday, a day I know he usually treasures his free time and solitude.

I love you, honey.
Tags: becca, dave, migraine

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