Tapati (tapati) wrote,

hormone hell

Every month I reach a point where I think everything is hopeless, I am doomed, and that I'm going to collapse under the weight of migraines. It's a time of month that I have more migraines so it's understandable. It's also the time of month that my hormones run amok and rampage in the garden of my mind, destroying the tender shoots of hope growing there.

Last night was that point.

Fortunately I feel better today. And I have just three more days here, though I have lots to do. They haven't announced who they're hiring so I just don't know if I'm going to train anyone or not.

I am so desperate to find a room for my daughter that I hit up the person selling me an alternate phone service when I found out he had a hollywood address. "Do you know anyone needing a room mate?"

Can't hurt to ask.
Tags: hormones, job, migraines, ramya

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