Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Good interview today

I had a nice interview today at a company whose products I've used in the past and would be happy to be associated with. The guy I'd be working for/with is really nice and kind of a no nonsense straight shooter. I appreciate that. I like to know where I really stand. :)

I felt the interview went well and we were both frank about where we stood in terms of what we're looking for. I am ultimately looking to segue out of bookkeeping into something else, and made it clear that I wish to be somewhere that I can move up a bit, even into different departments if need be.

Still looking at the local job board for anything interesting. I am hoping I have at least a week of downtime to recover from this job and get things together at home. I have unfinished projects and things left undone from my two months' worth of exhaustion with this job.

My daughter spent the night in her car again. I am biting my tongue to keep from nagging her to come up here and stay with us.

I did make contact with my dear friend Randa and she will talk to her relatives in case anyone has a resourse, a driveway to park in, or knows of someone who does. She is dealing with a health crisis in her own family right now, however, so I don't really want to burden her with our problems. I figure if she has time, fine, and if not we can figure something out.

So that's the state of things today. I am tired and cranky and just want to curl up and sleep.
Tags: job search, ramya, randa
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