Tapati (tapati) wrote,

fair penalty

The guy at the dmv agreed with me that the fair penalty for stealing a disabled placard is to become disabled. We figure break their legs and give 'em a temporary placard. :)

Now I am too paranoid to park in the same garage. I am putting my top up but leaving it unlatched, hopefully so no one will grab the placard or slash my top to get to it. I don't want to have to run to the dmv often or anything.

Someone told me that people sell them! What a world we live in.

I applied online to two jobs and got two calls back the next day. So things are looking up.

My daughter has dropped her sons off at her soon to be ex-husband's so she can have the time to build her housecleaning clientele. She hasn't been able to do that while caring for them and being nickel and dimed by him. She refuses to go on welfare. I admire her spirit but wish things didn't have to be so hard for her. If you know anyone in L.A. looking for someone to clean their home or garage, even once, I can hook you up. I've put an ad in the L.A. times (they dole them out by zones) for her. It will appear for four weeks. She has a slew of posters to put up and I gave her my staple gun.
Tags: job search, placard, ramya

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