Tapati (tapati) wrote,

hard times for all

It seems like more than half the people on my f-list lately are all having a hard time and I wish I were nearby in real life so I could do something comforting. It's frustrating to be left only with words on a screen. I hope things start to lighten up for everyone pretty soon, or at least some temporary respite presents itself. {{{hugs to all}}}

Dave named this the year of changes and that seems to be what is happening for most people I know, change of jobs or homes or relationships or all three. Even good changes can be stressful.

I feel like I am about half here myself. My job continues to suck up huge amounts of energy but I like our brand new Executive Director and her energy is really positive. If anyone can break through the paradigm of negative expectations, she can.

Wishing everyone the strength to persevere--

Tags: hard times, job, new ed
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