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Dance party

I attended a party for some of my friends and their dance class members who are going to the Gay Games to compete with other dancers. It was really exciting to watch these talented women perform some of these complex dances. It made me want to learn to dance traditionally as opposed to the free form rock music dancing I've done for years. For that matter, it made me want to get up the courage to dance in public, something I rarely if ever do.

Recently I saw Nine Inch Nails in concert again and they were as good as always. I did let loose and dance a bit standing in front of my seat. I've come up with a solution to the problem of everyone standing in front of me--I now take one of those gardening kneeling pads and stand on it. It cushions my feet enough that I can stand for awhile and see the stage without aggravating my heel pain. It's a bit of a hassle because I have to move it when people need to get by me so I don't trip them, but it made a huge difference in my concert going experience. This might work for people with painful knees too.

This week I'm going up to Sacramento for a training in a new program to help keep track of client data. It'll be kind of fun; I've never gone on a business related trip before. We get a little stipend in addition to the basic expenses. I'm going to try to do something fun in the evening. I'm going with one of my coworkers who I really like so I think we'll enjoy it.

Next weekend my daughter and grandsons are coming up. That will be great. Then the following weekend we're going up to Tahoe.

I was interested to read about Stephen Hawking's question posted in Yahoo.com's new service, Yahoo! Answers. Check it out. What do you think? I suspect we will still be alive but perhaps in lower numbers and living far less comfortable lives unless we work really hard to solve our current problems. I do agree with his recent statements, though, that over the long haul we will need to have colonies off Earth if we'd like the human race to survive. Earth's ability to support our life is only going to last for a tiny window of time in its total life span. We may not have to worry for a very long time (minus any global warming or nuclear catastrophes) but we ought to put some effort into expanding our presence in the universe.

Or do we deserve to survive as a species? That's a whole other question someone should ask on Yahoo.
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