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24 April 2005 @ 05:15 pm
Taking Care of Business  
Today is a day of taking care of business, of unpleasant tasks shoved aside for far too long.

I have completed my "Five Wishes" directive for medical care and only have to get it signed by two witnesses. I did research so that I could determine at what point I would want CPR to stop after my heart has stopped beating. After reviewing a number of studies I chose 4 minutes as the cut off point. Beyond that, good outcomes went sharply down as more brain tissue was damaged by anoxia. Under 4 minutes most patients made a good recovery with minor brain damage. I feel comfortable with that. I know that at 5 minutes my aunt had severe brain damage. I feel safe with 4 and under as my guideline.

Next I am going through and paring down some of my stuff and doing laundry. So I don't expect to be online much today.

Later I have my full moon observance. That is a blessed ending to my busy day.

On Earth Day I contemplated our foolhardiness in depending on oil right up to the last drop, as it appears we are doing. If we don't start to embrace other energy technologies as soon as possible, we are in for a worldwide depression and it serves us all right. I know that most of us feel powerless to do anything about this global issue but there are things we can do.

We can write to our representatives and express how important we think it is to discover and implement alternative energy sources. Solar was making a big push when it was supported by tax credits for implementing solar systems. There are things government can do to encourage alternative energy use.

We can use such sources wherever feasible, especially when buying a new car. Bio-diesel or hybrid cars are a good start. Avoiding SUVs certainly helps.

We can recycle plastic. That is getting easier and easier to do in places which have curbside recycling programs. If your community doesn't have that, push for it.

We can alter our lifestyle voluntarily now to conserve energy as much as possible. This delays the day when we are forced to alter it even more, after all.

We can focus on getting as much of our goods and food locally as possible to reduce the amount of goods that are trucked in from other areas at a great energy cost.

We can educate those around us who aren't taking these steps yet. We can research other things we can do.

In the entire life cycle of this beautiful planet Earth there is only a small percentage during which it will support humans. Let's not make that window of time even smaller than it is. Let's take better care of our planet. If everyone started doing something every day that benefits the environment, with over 6 billion people we would make an impact.

Blessed Be--

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