Tapati (tapati) wrote,

In Ananda's own words...

Today I encountered a link to an interview that Nori Muster did with Ananda on her site:


Anyone doubting the factor of his past abuse in his suicide should read this account. The events in Iraq may have been the catalyst but the fuse was lit a long time ago.

Meanwhile Chakra.org is still buzzing with questions and ideas for eliminating abusers from ISKCON's hierarchy.

A member of my forum cross posted an insightful analysis of how deeply intertwined the abusers and the leaders of ISKCON really are.

Dare we hope that devotees are being emboldened to take back their movement? Chakra is also hosting a petition to remove such people from positions of authority.

On a personal note, I'm still sick but I was well enough to go back to work today. I did ok (no relapse yet) but I'm tired. G'night.
Tags: ananda, child abuse, hope, iskcon, pedophiles

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