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I got the job!

My job search is over! I start tomorrow at 9:30 AM at our local AIDS related nonprofit. I would name it if not for my friendly stalker.

The actual job search was one month and ten days. I sent out my first resume on 4-21 and was held up when I got whatever that was, food poisoning or flu that sent me to the hospital.

Not bad, and this job should really strengthen what I consider to be the weaker side of my accounting experience as well as add other skills I'd like to have, such as nonprofit accounting.

I was surprised they skipped the interview and was told that after they thought it over and looked over the other resumes, I was clearly the best candidate. An additional factor was their need to fill the position immediately since the woman I am replacing is only there through June 6. So I'd better learn what I can from her very quickly! I guess my supervisor will complete whatever training I need, so they'll have to prioritize whatever she doesn't know in my time with the current Administration and Finance Coordinator (my new job title).

I will be learning at least 3 new programs and of course nonprofit accounting, which was on my wish list of things to learn. Plus I'll be supporting a nonprofit whose work I definitely support and contributing to my community.

I am still so excited about the office with a window! Yes a window to the outside, not a hallway indoors! A nice tall one. This was a major plus for me as I've been in a back office for years. And I'll be at the nicest end of our downtown area instead of the scary end where people get shot or stabbed.

Somehow I need to go to sleep earlier tonight and switch my schedule around to fit into a 9-5 job. I didn't expect when I got a job to start immediately, I was thinking next Monday at the earliest. I must say goodbye to my life of leisure. It's been fun!
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