Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Los Angeles Connections?

My daughter has left her husband, and he's agreed to pay her rent and basic living expenses while she establishes an apartment and gets a job, then pay support after that. He ruined her own credit by charging up her credit cards and then failing to pay the bills. It looks like his own credit is still ok as he recently bought a car.

She wants to find a place in the L.A. area that's affordable, preferably $700-800. or so, a one bedroom that will rent to her with two small boys would be great. She's hoping that if there are credit problems (assuming they do a credit check on her) she can find someone who will give her a chance. They've always paid rent on time and have good rental references.

Does anyone have connections in L.A.? Know any landlords? Once I get my job I would also guarantee rent in a pinch, but I am sure she won't have any problems paying it.

It would be great if she could arrange to share a house with another single parent too. She's open to that. They could trade childcare even.
Tags: ramya, rent

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