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10 May 2006 @ 02:48 pm
Veronica Mars rocked!  
What a shocker for the Veronica Mars finale. What an incredible show! I hope it comes back but with the WB and UPN merger a lot of shows are getting the axe. They'd be fools to let it go, however, with the critical acclaim and rabid (and growing) fan base. If you've never seen it do rent or buy the DVDs, you'll be glad you did.

They tied up the biggest loose ends while leaving enough mystery for a new season in college. The bus crash was explained, a murderer got his karma, and a molestor will never molest again. Along the way some innocent people died and secrets were revealed.

Grey's Anatomy is also promising to heat up in its upcoming finale. I'm also anticipating West Wing's series ender, though how they can wrap that up in one episode is beyond me.

I had pared down my tv-viewing but there are so many good shows on right now with the reality trend starting to give way to good drama again. (People were bound to get tired of it, with just a few exceptions. Plus they ran it into the ground with too many shows at once.)

I have a job interview tomorrow so I got my hair cut today and have to figure out what I'm going to wear. It's a beautiful day so I walked to my hair appointment.

Today is my daughter Ramya's birthday. She is 27 now. Oh, does that make me old? Next month my oldest grandson turns five. Time flies...
crushednchurned on May 11th, 2006 06:14 pm (UTC)
Good luck on your job interview!
Tapatitapati on May 11th, 2006 10:25 pm (UTC)
Thanks, it went really well and they want to see me again. I really liked the person I'd be working most closely with and the office had a happy office vibe that I really liked.