Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Busy Bee

This week I put the job search on hold while I tied up loose ends at home and generally recovered my energy.

Much of my week was spent tracking down medical records, paternal aunts and uncles, and finding out how to acquire my brother's death certificate. Kudos to Rachel at Keokuk Area Hospital for being so helpful in this process; my records are on their way. She did tell me over the phone that a doctor wrote that one surgery I had wasn't necessary but that my mother insisted on it. It's nice to have that officially validated.

Meanwhile I am still finishing up my household organizing project. I've made great headway during my time off but I have accumulated so much paper that still needs to be put into a filing system. I've weeded out a lot of the stuff I no longer need, so now it's mostly a matter of organizing what's there. If I am going to write about my life I need to have everything where I can get to it as needed.

We saw Tool last night (our tickets were 400.00 because we had to buy them from a broker, Tool sold out in a matter of seconds for the small venue). It was incredible! Worth every penny.

Tonight: Sir Mix-a-Lot! Of course Baby Got Back should be my anthem. :)

After a week of dealing with heavy subjects from my past it's good to get out and have fun.

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