Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Happy Beltane

I'm still on the mend though my digestive system seems to have calmed down considerably. Still easing into normal food. Not feeling very energetic and thus my Beltane celebration is rather subdued.

My daughter is leaving her husband and going down to L.A. today to look for a place to live. Far braver than I am, she's willing to pack up the kids and wander off in search of a home where she knows no one. I always had to have at least one friend before I could move away like that.

I'm glad we've had these past few months to walk together every day and bond before we are so far apart. I guess I will be burning up the miles between here and L.A. on a regular basis. As I remember it's an all day bus trip if I chose to go that way rather than brave the traffic.

So I'm feeling a little sad. I'm going to have to work on ways to feel connected to my grandsons across the distance. Perhaps I will write stories for them and record myself reading them on dvd.

On the bright side, soon my friends Becca and Tom will return and live nearby again. I can't wait to see them.

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