Tapati (tapati) wrote,

"You should write a book."


Every once in awhile someone tells me, "you should write a book," after hearing some snippet of my life. Yes it's been a weird one, for sure.

But I'm never sure if I want to dive back into it in order to write about it, how it would really sell, and whether I am really that motivated to. I wonder if it would really serve a useful purpose other than trying to make some money. (No guarantee of THAT in the writing business.) I also recoil from the self absorption aspect: Me Me Me!

Most memoirs are marketed by type. My life crosses so many memoir categories that I fear it would be unmarketable. I mean, is it a story of recovering from MBP and abuse in childhood? Or escape from domestic violence? Escape from poverty? A story about how traumatic head injury tears families apart? Dealing with my child's sexual abuse? The cult experience? Coping with heart disease? Learning from tragedy? Dealing with paternal abandonment? Suicide (both myself and family member's attempts). Spirituality? Chronic illness journal? Fat acceptance journey? Ack!

In much the same way, I am not one of those people who can blog about just one issue or subject. I admire the political bloggers and the religious bloggers and the illness bloggers, food bloggers and crime bloggers. How do they stay on one topic day after day? Some have more than one blog, but that's pretty cumbersome. Not to mention time consuming.

In addition to my apparent attention deficit, I hate the whole business end of writing. That's really what has kept me from getting into book publishing as opposed to submitting the occasional article. It's a business that is increasingly tight and frustrating to break into. Once you break in, getting promotion is also difficult. Basically publishers decide which books deserve their top promotion dollars and effort. The others are never heard of and languish on the bookstore shelves unless they promote them on their own.

To go through all of that I'd have to be convinced that there's something in my story that could be useful to others, useful enough that I should spend the time and effort to promote it.

So...what do you guys think? Do I have a story worth reading (from what you know so far)? Or when you look for a memoir do you prefer that the focus be on one aspect primarily? (I suppose it could be written that way.) If so, which sounds best to you? And while I'm soliciting feedback, what kinds of things do you want to hear more of/know more about in this journal?
Tags: bio, book, feedback, memoir, writing

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