Tapati (tapati) wrote,


Just got an email purporting to be from Chase credit cards about suspicious activity on my account. Funny thing, I have no Chase account.

It gave a URL for me to go and find out more. The url looks like a chase.com url, but if you put your cursor over it and look at the bar down below, it is clearly NOT a chase.com url.

We all get these from time to time, emails trying to use the logo and name of a legitimate business to make us go to their web site where they can get info from us or insert a virus on our hard drive, etc.

Call the company if you think it's legit and check. Do not respond on the internet to any such messages!

Just thought I'd pass this on for anyone who hasn't heard about these scams. I passed the info on to Chase as well.
Tags: fraud, hackers, internet safety, phishing, spam

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