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What conservatives should understand about liberals

I promised a top ten list:

1.) We do see ourselves as moral and ethical people, and many of us are also religious. We don't feel like that we are respected or acknowledged for that.

2.) We simply disagree that gay rights is going to cause the downfall of society and we can't quite understand the assertion that it will.

3.) When you try to remind everyone that homosexuality is a sin in your religion--as if we haven't ever heard that before--we feel like you are trying to force your religion on us. We're happy if you choose to believe that, as long as you respect our right to a different opinion.

4.) We want religion out of public spaces out of respect for freedom of religion in America, to make all Americans feel included. If we allow the symbols of any one religion in government spaces, that makes it look like the state-approved religion. We're not just picking on Christian faiths--we Wiccans don't want a pentagrm there either.

5.) We don't see America as a Christian nation. Once upon a time that was the only primary religious influence in society--but society is more complex now, with many religions. American society is made up of all Americans, not just one group.

6.) We hold our various awareness workshops not to convert your children--but to keep them from beating up our children. If you would teach them that effectively, maybe we wouldn't have to.

7.) We find it offensive when you refer to minority religions as "wacky" or "coo-coo" or other such derogatory terms. One can state what one disagrees with in polite language.

8.) The 1950s were only better and simpler on the surface--when everyone pretended to be and think the same and swept things like child abuse or domestic violence under the rug. Now that such things are out in the open at least we can try to deal with them. (I had a half brother who effectively died of malnutrition when his caretaker underfed him--in the glorious '50s.)

9.) We see it as our responsibility to speak out when we think our leaders are wrong. That's the obligation of citizens who participate in a representative democracy. It certainly doesn't make us traitors.

10.) We love our country--and that's exactly why we expect better things from it.

and a bonus:

11.) We respect and appreciate the men and women who are willing to fight for America--which is why we want to be very sure they are only sent to do so when it's really necessary. It doesn't honor or help them to simply rubberstamp any military action our government decides to engage in, against all evidence to the contrary. Quite the opposite--we fail to fully appreciate their sacrifice when we abandon them to bad leadership. Our voices are the check against the misuse of our brave soldiers, and we must not be silent.

And right now--they are under bad leadership at the very top.

Feel free to add some of your own in comments.
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