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grisly murder in Oklahoma

Ten year old Jamie Rose Bolin was murdered by her neighbor. I read the first CNN article about it where the police wouldn't even describe what was done to her except to say she must have suffered horribly before she died.

The internet being what it is, in no time at all people found the murderer had a few blogs and posts floating around, an Amazon wishlist, etc. After checking some of them out I found a handy place that has pulled it all together if you're interested:

Look Who's Tattling Now

Some of the related blogs (his friends') have been taken down. On his own blog people are spamming the comments section with hate messages, discussions on redemption, kind wishes for her family, and sharing information about other related sites, etc. There is even speculation about his friends and their possible involvement. For the record, there is no current evidence of that or mention of such involvement by reputable media sources. I suspect they are as shocked as anyone. On a related note, Jamie's family has urged people not to blame his family and have compassion for them, which his family has gratefully acknowleged. It's a sad, sad situation for all concerned.

I find myself thinking that a lonely guy who reportedly had a social anxiety disorder of some kind in addition to depression, an unrequited love that was almost fulfilled and then dashed, who turned to a blog hoping for attention and maybe fame, has now found fame in the only way he figured out he could: killing someone in a gruesome fashion. In America you are destined for history book and maybe even movie deal fame if you kill people, especially in a particularly dramatic and media-worthy way.

I also find myself wishing we'd get the media to voluntarily stop giving out names of these guys. I have some tiny bit of compassion for him and I hope he seeks forgiveness for his act. But I think when we give these guys the media attention they yearn for it just spawns more.

It's also interesting to note that I share his dislike of Bush, his apparent belief in evolution and some of his musical tastes. But honest, I'm not planning anyone's murder!

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