Tapati (tapati) wrote,

A Radical Idea for West Wing

Warning: last week spoilers.

As anyone who watched last week will know, Leo died on election day. (Doubly sad because we all know the actor passed away.) They didn't have time to go very far into what to do, which I've read isn't even covered by the constitution. One idea is to treat it like you would when a VP dies in office and choose a replacement.

The election was razor thin and came down to 30 thousand votes in Nevada. We all know how divided the country is, in real life and on West Wing.

My idea: Santos should ask Vinnick to be the VP in order to unite the country in a time of war. (Not our war, they just sent peacekeepers into a country I can't spell (Khazakstan?) in order to keep Russia and China from duking it out.)

Vinnick is a model moderate Republican who has repeatedly demonstrated statesmanship in refusing to descend to cheap shots and politics as usual during the campaign. If there were more Republicans like that I wouldn't live in fear of them getting elected president as I do now. I think the moderate wing of the party would be strengthened by such an act, I think the Democrats would demonstrate that they can put the country's welfare ahead of partisan politics, and in WW land they took back the house and are just slightly under in the Senate, so it would certainly help them push legislation through.

I haven't seen tonight's episode so I don't know what they'll actually do, or even if it will just focus on Leo's funeral, but this is what I think would hold the most dramatic impact as well as be politically feasible. I'd love to watch West Wing continue with such a dynamic, frankly. But I know that's not possible.

What do you think? I'm usually pretty partisan and am surprised to come up with the idea, but I think it's a good one.

Tags: leo, vinnick, west wing

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