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Attacking our own food

Not waiting for the terrorists to do it, Congress is apparently willing to make sure our food is unsafe all by themselves. Molly Ivins tells us about HR 4167, the "National Uniformity for Food Act," which repeals more than 200 food safety protections. There was no public hearing before this came to a vote. On the surface it sounds good--uniformity in safety labeling, a noble goal. But the actual bill goes beyond that.

Here is the link for the bill itself:

and monitoring its status:


NEHA talks about the problems with the bill:

HR 4167 is proposed legislation that, on its face, purports to mandate universal labeling in the food industry. The legislation contains vague, but nonetheless troublesome language that expands the focus of the bill far beyond this simple uniform labeling provision. After a comprehensive legal analysis of this language, done in cooperation with the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) and numerous state and local food protection programs, NEHA became actively involved in the response to this legislative proposal. Central to our concern is the threat that H.R. 4167 will impose a federal preemption of the statutory and regulatory authority of state/local food safety and protection programs.


Knowing that bills are often large and daunting to read, and that legislators often don't read the full text, it is good that we have watchdog groups to catch things like this. If you think this bill is a bad idea, be sure to read the NEHA letter and echo the concerns in a letter to your own representatives.
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