Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Friends we've never met

I am pondering the curious nature of online friendships today as I grieve the death of a wonderful young woman I knew only through the forum on ecauldron.net. As I first encountered Chavi she was already trying to beat the rare form of cancer that ultimately killed her. I followed her stories about not being diagnosed in a timely manner because she didn't have access to or money for health care. In fact the cancer had progressed for about a year before her diagnosis and treatment. We all tried, from our various spots on the globe, to offer support, healing magic and a sympathetic ear (or should I say eye) as she struggled through her chemo, at times struggling to get her blood count up so she could even have chemo.

I'm sure I was not alone in feeling useless from such a far distance and wishing that I could be nearby to offer some practical help. Yet I also have received support from this community when I was facing my surgery and was very touched and aided by it. I know that what we offered, long distance as it was, did help her spirit if not her body.

I am amazed by the spirit with which she approached the process of dealing with cancer and the gusto with which she enjoyed life during the treatments. Shortly before she died, ever the optimist, she booked a cruise for Mexico that she never got to take. Maybe she'll make it on the astral.

So here I am, and many others today, grieving deeply for someone I never met in person but only through words on a computer forum. I am reminded of Ani DiFranco's lyric:

I fight fire with words
words are hotter than flames
words are wetter than water

Words are pretty damn powerful.

Chavi Revanna
(Cathlene Patricia McKenna)
July 27, 1975 - April 1, 2006

Bright Blessings on your journey, Chavi. I am blessed to have known you.
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