Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Vinegar and metabolic resistance

One of the health issues receiving a lot of press lately is metabolic resistance or prediabetes. This is where the cells become resistant to insulin when it's released to metabolize sugar in the blood. More and more insulin gets released to control the blood sugar. This syndrome has also been connected with increased difficulty in losing weight. Eventually it can lead to Type II diabetes.

There are prescription drugs to help make cells more receptive to the effect of insulin, but lately some studies have shown that regularly ingesting vinegar with a 5% acetic acid content will do just as well and assist with weight loss.

ABC News has an article about vinegar and cherry extract, also shown to improve your blood sugar.

These blood sugar problems also go hand-in-hand with chronic inflammation, linked to heart disease risk and auto-immune disorders. Exercise also helps this constellation of problems, of course.

Just thought I'd post this since I'm probably not the only one concerned about metabolic syndrome and chronic inflammation.

ETA: the abc link is no longer active, here's another:

Tags: blood sugar, health, insulin resistance, metabolic resistance syndrome, prediabetes, vinegar

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