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23 March 2006 @ 11:03 am
Back to walking  
I've been walking again for three days, slowly getting my stamina built back up. I had worked up to over an hour and was frustrated to have to start at twenty minutes. Part of the problem is my low blood count, but at least now when I take iron I won't be bleeding it out every month! (In fact, there's such a thing as too much iron, so I'll have to watch my level.)

I've lost all of the weight initially gained during the hospitalization and then some. Here is my weight loss ticker, I've set my initial goal at 275 so as to seem attainable, as I've made it there within the last few years and do feel much better at that weight.

I had planned to lose at least twenty pounds during my time off work and I'm almost there.
(Anonymous) on April 13th, 2006 08:39 am (UTC)
Time, time , time
The sprod was chubby when younger. He had screwed knees and so couldn't run and at one point, walk. So naturally....

I remember when he was 14 and came in all excited because he had run for the first time. But there was the weight. He started walking, and walking, and...

At first, nothing budged, but now? What a difference. He regularly walks at least 10 miles a day (and no, he LOTHES 'exercise'). It's taken 3 years but the difference is phenomenal ( he also see's the most amazing things and knows this city like you wouldn't believe).

My doctor wanted to put me on mr. happy pills ( I have lost most of my family and a good friend these last 4 months and was in the middle of a career change). "Live better Chemically" is my motto says the doc. "Screw you" I said in my mind. This is reactive depression, not clinical. I would have taken the meds for clinical, but he was trying to get me to try the heavy duty ones for: get this: the SIDE effects - sleep and weight gain.
(oh, I'm a stress non-eater - it's just as unhealthy as being over-weight and as hard to control, if I don't eat enough, I can feel my skinny butt bones in a week when I sit down).

So I started walking as well. I slept better and got hungry. I know it will take time. The media is full of shite about miracle cures and instant success. Both the sprod and I am grateful for any little change.

I worry about him , though. He is developing an 'anorexic' mind set and has stopped seeing the improvements even though they are dramatic. I guess in his mind he will always see the weight that caused him so much torment, both physically and from derision from society -DAMN THEM! I can't get help because being Ms. Stick-insect is supposed to be a good thing, and he can't match the pictures he sees ( he never will, at near on 7 ft. tall and broad shouldered, a super-model he will never be).

You know, we don't have a T.V.. But we are so surrounded by this toxic view of the 'hollywood perfect', there seems to be no escape. Talk about motivation drain.

Sorry, blithering here. I just thought I'd check out your LJ and was impressed and felt comfortable posting. Hope that's O.K.

Tapatitapati on April 13th, 2006 08:48 am (UTC)
Re: Time, time , time
Hi Illgrace,

There's quite a time lag before you adjust to a new body image, so it may just be that your son needs more time. One of the things I did to improve my body image was put images in my environment that resembled my body type. Eventually I graduated to nude modeling and now have actual drawings and paintings of my nude body posted around the house. What we learned through the media can be unlearned. :)

I am trying to figure out what to do when my feet get sore again. I have plantar fasciitis and it flares up now and again, and my podiatrist says on top of that I have a deformity of gait that means I shouldn't even be walking at my current weight. But I just keep an eye on the area that he says will be affected, the tendon running up inside the legs. If it gets too sore I'll cut back. Maybe get a gym membership again so I can do water aerobics.

I'll miss it when my daughter moves away at the end of the month and we can't walk together anymore. It's been a great way to strengthen our bond.

I blather on about all sorts of things here, I figure in the variety there's something for everyone. :)

Thanks for dropping by--