Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Happy Spring!

We have a stormy Spring Equinox today, it's been raining most of the day and looks like there's more to come. That's ok; we had a beautiful weekend. The weather is one of the main things keeping me in this high rent area. I hate extremes of temperature. I was acutely miserable much of the time from midwestern weather.

I am continuing to heal, am off pain meds and last night managed to manuever into and out of a nice, hot bath. Heaven! (Really, any heaven worthy of the name must have a nice, big bathtub.)

I did a lot of little sorting and tidying tasks over the weekend so I am having a lazy day. I repotted a few plants yesterday including two of my Tulasis. (Sacred plant from India.)

I am relishing the calm before I plunge into my job search.
Tags: job search, spring, surgery

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