Tapati (tapati) wrote,

on my first non-period period

A few days ago I had the sore breasts and oily face. At some point I had a crying jag. Then last night I overslept while having wild, vivid dreams. All symptoms of my menstrual cycle. I did have a slight bit of bleeding on one day but I'm not sure if that was from surgery or one of those cervical menstrual bleeds. (I was told that if I had endometrial tissue in my cervix I might have a bit of spotting or a mild flow.)

I guess I'm at that point in my cycle but without the horrendous cramps and profuse bleeding. I can handle that!

It makes it all worth it to tolerate this healing process. My bandages are off and the surface wounds are healed already. I have residual pain on my right side but other than that and my laryngitis I feel fine.
Tags: health, hysterectomy, menstruation, surgery, uterus
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