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Altar of Love

I change my altar periodically for seasonal or personal reasons, and one of the things I like to do is deck it out for February as the month of my anniversary and of course Valentine's day. Behind the cut are a few views of this year's altar of love with Aphrodite taking center stage.

A close up:

The shells in front of Aphrodite are from Malta, including a fossil. I have a thing about asking people to bring me rocks and shells from their travels, and some friends who travel a lot. That works out really nicely. :)

And a better view of Aphrodite:

Temporarily I've taken Ganesh and Inanna off my altar. With Kuan Yin, Mary, and Aphrodite on the altar together I've tried to emphasize the sea elements by adding a conch. I traded my purple goblet for a red one and brought in other red accents. The altar cloths are two napkins. I often buy napkins to give me a lot of versatility in my altar designs both at home and at work. In my last job I was often asked to do protection spells for the server and cleansing spells for the offices and maintained a money altar in the finance office where I worked. The owner was very open about including such things, it was nothing that I pushed for.
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