Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Holding Pattern

Still waiting to find out what's up with my heart test and if I can make my revised surgery date of March 7th. I am very frustrated at this whole process.

Dave's father is in the hospital for some tests after some disturbing symptoms and they're trying to figure out if it's heart related. He's feeling better so whatever it is we're hopeful it can be managed. He may go home tomorrow.

While I'm waiting I am not quite sure what to do for stress relief. My daughter and I are still walking so that helps. The rest of the day I'm not sure whether to just take it easy or dive in and keep preparing to be away for a couple of days and recuperating. There's still stuff I want to get done before surgery. I am also still getting over my cold. So I'm torn between resting up and getting stuff done. I still have to do our taxes as well. I may tackle that this evening.

Dave came home early today because the power went out at his workplace, so we had lunch and visited his dad (and mom) in the hospital.

On the bright side I finally got my Rumi cards. I am so excited to add them to my collection and see how they work. It seems to me that Rumi's work is very appropriate to divination systems, it is so rich with meaning. I told Dave I got my Rumi cards and then I made sure to spell R-U-M-I (not r-o-o-m-y) and he said, "I know who you're talking about." I replied, "Wow, your metaphysical education is really coming along!" and he agreed. (Add this to the things he's picked up from me, including knowledge of tofuti cuties and the hare krsna movement. I, meanwhile, now know more about computers and cars than I once did.)

Today has been partly sunny but threatening to rain again, after yesterday's gale force winds knocked out power throughout our area.

So that's the news in our little corner of the globe. I've only briefly tuned in to national news in the past week--generally too depressing.
Tags: health, heart, mike, surgery
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