Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Surgery may be delayed

Well I ran into a big snag with my surgery.

I had one last cardiac test to get out of the way. It was ordered on the 9th but for some reason didn't get scheduled properly, so it was delayed to today.

This test images the heart while blood is flowing through with a radioactive isotope. This way they can see if every area is getting good blood flow.

There is an area that shows a lack of blood flow or possibly scar tissue. They will know more if they have me back for a resting version of this test. (For today's test they stressed my heart to get it to beat at a certain speed before the imaging.) But they can't get me in for that test before Monday, the day surgery is scheduled.

I have a call in to a cardiologist who's subbing for mine (who broke his arm skiing) to see if the other part of the test can be done at the hospital tomorrow since the clinic can't do it until Monday. If not I'll have to reschedule the surgery and lose time before looking for work--or get a job and tell them I have to be out for a few days during my probationary period.

I'm really frustrated as well as unsettled about what's up with my heart and what might be needed to fix it if it really is a lack of blood flow rather than scar tissue from my heart attack. (Or more scar tissue from a silent heart attack?)
Tags: health, heart, surgery

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