Tapati (tapati) wrote,

preparing for surgery

So far it appears to be a go for my surgery on the 27th. I have one more cardiac test to take Thursday so pending the results of that it's looking good.

I am preparing by eating really well, walking as much as I can, cooking some food for the hospital and afterwards, straightening up my house, and working on a spell for saying goodbye to my uterus after its years of faithful service and childbearing. Today I cooked up a storm and am continuing tomorrow before I lose steam or the veggies lose their freshness. I'm fighting off an ant invasion so I brought in a separate table to hold the veggies while I was chopping others. Meanwhile I kept a vigilant eye out for stragglers that had evaded my pools of Windex destruction. All this kept me on my toes, sometimes literally.

My daughter is working me so hard on our walks that I told her she ought to run an exercise boot camp. I'm really treasuring her efforts to get me back into health and challenging me to tackle more hills.

Today we walked down to my old home where I crept into the back yard just far enough to see whether the lavender I planted several years ago was still there. It was and I felt satisfied to see it thriving.

All in all it was a productive and satisfying day, but I'm tired now. I am also very sore and I think I'll indulge in a hot bath before bedtime.

I welcome any ideas for my pre-surgery farewell to my uterus spell work. I'm eclectic, so I value suggestions from any trad. I'll be working on the new moon which is the day of my surgery, in the early morning hours so my healing candle can burn through the time of the surgery. (8 AM Pacific time, Feb. 27th.)
Tags: health, ramya, spell, surgery, uterus, walking

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