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my adorable grandsons

I babysat early this morning while I was very sleepy. My grandsons were pretty good and mostly sat and watched cartoons. Jonathan is the most active and inquisative of the two, and the oldest. I had purchased a yoga instruction dvd for kids awhile back and he's learned quite a few poses, so he delighted me by showing off how he could form a bridge, a handstand, and balance in the sun pose.

After awhile my youngest grandson Valente came over and climbed up on my lap. We snuggled under the covers I had over me to keep away the morning chill. He had in his hand the doll I bought for his 2nd birthday at his request. When his mom arrived home we were all snuggled up. I wish she'd had a camera handy. Then Jonathan came over and we had a group hug before I left.

These are the blissful days of their youth and I want to share so many more. They are beautiful boys and I love them so dearly.
Tags: grandsons, jonathan, valente

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