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Is there any hope?

As I try to dialogue with conservative Christians I find myself wondering if there's any hope that our splintered society can find a workable compromise? Or worse, if we will come to blows...

Even a polite debate such as I've been having with Josh and before him, Robert, brings to light such huge differences in world view that I find myself wondering how to bridge the gap. What a chasm in how we relate to sexual identity, orientation, sin, "rights", and all these other cultural issues America is grappling with. What kind of bridge can cross this gulf? Or are we simply hoping that each generation will be more tolerant of difference?

How can we make conservative Christians feel secure in their world where they are afraid all of society is going to become a hotbed of sin and licentious behavior where it's not safe to raise their kids, while simply trying to get our rights to marry and love whom we please? How can we reassure them that we are not throwing open the gates to incest and pedophilia? That we're not planning to seduce their children into our "lifestyle"?

How can they reassure us that we are not going to be subjected to compulsory Christianity?

Can this marriage be saved? Or must one or the other secede from the Union?

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Tags: glbt, politics, religion

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