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slowly but surely

As I've written before, my daughter and I are walking together regularly now. It is paying off in some obvious ways already. Today I noticed that a challenging hill, where at first we had to stop and rest part way up, is now easier to do and we can get to the top without taking a break. I also decided to see how far we've been walking. It may not seem like much if you're not a heart patient, and formerly I could walk much farther too, but it was 1.6 miles total. Granted at my pace it takes me a long time to do but still, it's progress. And I'm carrying about 150 pounds more than most people would, so I'm doing a lot of work to get there.

I'd like to be up to 3 miles before going back to work, and moving a bit faster if I can without straining my heart.

I hope when I'm working again that we can still find a time to walk together, even if very early in the morning. It's been great to be able to talk to my daughter while walking. We both love gardening and we enjoy seeing what people have done in their front yards. It makes the time go by more quickly.

While I'm sure it's helping my cardiovascular system immensely, my migraines are going on unabated. I long for the days when it used to be a monthly thing rather than a few per week. I have been feeling like I will lose my mind if the pain doesn't stop. I am ready to try Topomax even though the side effects look alarming to me, and I'm also ready to ask for stronger drugs. I'm sorry, Vicodin is so useless that I often conclude it's not worth the fuzzy-mindedness to take it. Ibuprofen tears up my stomach in short order, so I have to be sparing with it, and tylenol alone does nothing. It's time for the big guns, and I think that I've demonstrated my ability not to get into trouble with such drugs. I make vicodin last me a year per 60 tablet bottle. I have a rule never to take something of that nature more than three days in a row. No matter what. That seems to work for me and I rarely reach even those three days before I stop.

My forum has been lively lately and taking up a fair amount of time. I am actually hoping for some drama to die down soon so I can get back to other things.
Tags: gr, health, ramya, walking

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