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The Bummer God

In watching the unfortunate Schaivo media frenzy, I was repeatedly struck by the version of God I was seeing portrayed. I like to call him the bummer God.

The bummer God is admittedly a jealous god. He admits it right up front. He wants no other gods to come before him. In one of His eastern incarnations, he is so jealous he doesn't want his followers to have sex unless they are trying to produce more worshippers for Him! So His followers had better not be seduced into woshipping one of those other gods and goddesses we hear about or else its off to hell with them.

The bummer God even wants to control your thoughts. You'd better not even think about sex, drugs, and rock n roll in His presence--and He is everywhere, either personally or working through His thought police. He is soon to be taking over a government near you. You are expected to do your part by voting His ticket.

The bummer God wants to monitor what you eat, how you eat it, and what prayers you say before your meal. He seems to have a lot to say about your bodily functions.

He also wants to control how you die, and fully expects you to cling to life no matter how feeble for reasons which He does not deign to mention.

The bummer God firmly believes in capital punishment, and in subsequent punishment in hell for all eternity. A kinder God might allow one incarceration in order to give someone a chance at redemption before death, but that God is for wimps. Only the righteous deserve a positive spiritual outcome anyway. After a lifetime of enduring the rules and regs of the bummer God, I imagine they must feel entitled.

Still, I wonder what kind of heaven the bummer God provides? How much fun could it be? Everyone there has spent a lifetime denying any material pleasures in sackcloth and ashes. By the time they make it to bummer God heaven, they must have long since forgotten how to loosen up and have fun. Worse yet, is the bummer God actually there, watching? Well, of course He is! So how can you have fun with somebody like that at the party? No, I can't imagine that their heaven is very fun. It probably looks good to them, though, after living their entire life in fear of the bummer God's hell. Eternal flames aren't too appealing, and I sure would feel relieved to escape them. I guess boredom looks pretty good by comparison.

I can only be happy that I do not worship or believe in the bummer God. I certainly hope He does not turn out to be the "one true God" or I'll be in a lot of trouble. I always figure I'll be leading the rebellion, but it'll be pretty hard to overthrow Him. I certainly can't imagine achieving pure love of the bummer God. I can't muster even the smallest desire to love Him.

I'll stick with my Goddess and Her consort. They know how to have fun, and don't mind if we join Them.
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