Tapati (tapati) wrote,

The Daily Headache

The Daily Headache is a blog about managing and living with headaches--the chronic, kick your ass kind known as migraines. Of course a migraine is not just a bad headache, it is a life-threatening illness. Many myths surround migraines and those who suffer from them, and this journal does a good job of dispelling them and providing information and resources. There are links to other migraine related blogs as well.

ChronicBabe is another excellent resource for anyone living with chronic illness, and today she led me to a cool project, The Real Hot 100. The Real Hot 100 is an answer to Maxim's beauty oriented Hot 100 awards, and aims to focus on women who are smart and make a difference in the world. What a concept!

A big shout-out to dangerpudding whose unfortunate migraine today led me to share these links, along with some others in comments on her journal.
Tags: headaches, health, migraine, real hot 100

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