Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Beautiful Day

I was already appreciating the sunny, warm day on a West Coast bay, where I went driving along the cliffs overlooking the ocean with my top down enjoying the view. (Ok, the Miata's top...) Then I read dalbino83's account of getting to work on mass transit in the snow and appreciated it so much more.

It always surprises me to hear people talk longingly of snow and ski slopes. I can't imagine snow being fun. Even as a kid I sort of half-heartedly went sledding or made snow angels. I was always miserable in cold weather. I also fell down on ice at least once every winter. Oh, my poor tailbone!

Recently we flirted with the idea of moving to Iowa City but when I imagined the snow I just couldn't quite get past that, no matter how many wonderful things I read about the town. The housing prices are incredible compared to the ridiculously high prices here. I could have had a three bedroom house. But then there's snow. And the humid, blazing heat of the summer.

No, I fear I am destined to be a renter here where it's temperate, never to decorate my own home. And that's going to have to be good enough.

On a day like this, it certainly seems like it is.
Tags: home, moving, snow
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