Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Weight loss so far

So far I've lost 8 pounds this month. I hope to lose 12 more before my surgery date. Now that my heels have had a chance to recover from standing in line on the stone floors of the bank I went to every day for my former employer, I am ready to start walking again. That will definitely help the weight loss and the metabolic resistance and triglycerides, plus boost the HDL (good cholesterol).

If the heel pain starts up again I may have to get a membership at a club to go swimming regularly and do water aerobics. My podiatrist actually doesn't want me to walk at this weight (there's a nice catch 22) because I have a deformity of gait that puts pressure on the tendons going up the inside of my legs. He warns that they can become inflamed and burst, necessitating surgery. Perhaps I can alternate walking and water aerobics when I get my 401K money. In the meantime I'll keep an eye on how tender they get and how my heels are doing and lighten up on activity as needed. I will also add some strength training. I'd love to get a punching bag too. I wish I didn't have to store my car in the garage, because it would make a nice work out area. I guess I could get things that I use while parking my car on the street, then put them aside so I can park the car at night. I'd like a basketball hoop too.

It's really helping to be able to do my own cooking again. If only I could get rid of the ants I'd cook even more and make myself some bread too. Periodically they gross me out by over-running my kitchen. I guess they're avoiding the rains we've had.
Tags: cooking, exercise, food, health, weight

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