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Disturbing news about literacy

CNN had an article about the lack of literacy and competency among college students attempting to do common things like make sense of credit card offers, newspaper editorials or figuring out their tip at a restaurant.

Maybe it's just me, but I think graduates of high school ought to be prepared to do these basic things. It's pretty alarming to think a high number of college students can't.

Instead of word problems about train travel, perhaps our math classes needs to bring in more real world examples involving money management. And our English classes should use actual editorials and accounts of studies to analyze in class in addition to works of literature.

No wonder so many people don't vote--they feel that the editorials and newspaper articles are over their head and so they can't make a good decision. (In addition to the general sense of powerlessness, apathy, and lack of clear choices, the usual reasons people cite for not voting.)
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