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Billy Idol and Fate

I recovered in time tonight to make it to see Billy Idol. All day I hoped that I could go. Last time we had tickets to see him perform I was otherwise engaged that day. It was August 30, 2001, which my friends know is the day I had my quadruple bypass heart surgery. (Or CABG, as the docs say, pronounced just like the vegetable. Coronary Artery Bypass Graft.)

I made Dave go so he could gain a few hours' distraction and of course tell me how it went. I drifted in and out of a morphine-drugged sleep, which always makes me hallucinate and have bizarre dreams. I was so frustrated that I couldn't be there and instead was stuck in a hospital bed recovering from surgery. I consoled myself that at least I had seen Tool and King Crimson together.

So finally, tonight I got to see what I missed. Damn! I'm happy I finally got to see him live, he was great! His lead guitarist was also really mesmerizing. I just went into a trance when I got there and didn't wake up until it was all over.

I feel better now that I beat Fate to finally see Billy Idol in concert. I was thinking tonight of my former friend, Barbara, who loved Billy Idol too. I don't know if she got to see him in '01 but I hope so. She would have loved the concert, from what Dave said about it.

Meanwhile the sane Muslims--which fortunately are most--are saying, "Enough...enough!" according to CNN:


I can only imagine how hard it must be to have to tolerate being at all identified with such atrocities. Oh wait, I don't have to imagine, I'm an American, and we've killed how many civilians?

It was good to have an evening's distraction from current events, I have to say.

Finally, some words from London bloggers, courtesy of Salon:

"People started saying prayers, praying to God, panicking, breaking the carriage windows with bare hands, anything to get oxygen into the carriage ... The more people tried, the more distressed they got ... We were all trapped like sardines, waiting to die." -- Angelo, who was on the train bombed at King's Cross Station, from an audio clip of an interview with ITV News (posted by blogger Eban Crawford).

"Well, it's finally happened. Someone seeking to show off has finally decided to go for London's arthritic knees rather than its rock-hard skull." -- Sal, from Farting through my fingertips

"Call me a coward if you like, but the first instinct was to get as far away from London as possible. And I was not alone. I have NEVER seen so many taxis on the motorway heading west away from the city." -- Chris, from Metroblogging London

Have a safe weekend, everyone--

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