Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Safeway fails to protect privacy

I happen to know someone who retired from Safeway a few years ago. They heard in October that there had been a breach of security in August that resulted in the social security numbers and other information about employees and retirees being on a laptop that was stolen when an employee took it home. There was no explanation for the delay in notifying them so they could see about protecting their identity from theft and put an alert on their credit records.

I expected to see this in the news at some point but apparently they've kept it quiet. I realize my little blog is small potatoes in terms of getting the word out about what I consider a grievous breach of security in this age of identity theft, but I feel I have to do my part.

Apparently many employee records were on the laptop--from California and Hawaii.

There ought to be a law that prevents sensitive records like this from being on laptops that are taken home in the first place. A corporation can have far greater security at work than an employee can ever hope to duplicate at home.

This also highlights yet another reason why we should look at our credit records regularly. One never knows how information about them could get out.
Tags: identity theft, safeway
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