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long, long day

I've about run down, just wanted to say it's been a long, long day for me, being up half the night. Today my beloved old '82 Toyota Tercel, Jezebel, failed to start. She's been having electrical problems and I put nearly 500.00 in her to keep her going, rebuilt alternator and new battery, but for some reason that hasn't been enough. So we had her towed tonight to the mechanic, and he's going to check the work they did to see if there's something wrong. No charge of course. If it turns out to be something else, then I'm not going to have more work done. I can't afford to throw more money into a car that needs a few other minor things already, that I have intended to get rid of sometime in the near future. Still, she's been such a good and faithful car, and I got her from my even more beloved friend Maxine, who passed away a few years ago.

I am still so sad over London but I am trying not to do my usual thing of watching nonstop coverage. That won't help anyone. I will light a candle before I go to sleep for the crossing of so many good people who were just going about their day, not hurting anyone.

Rodney King's words keep echoing through my head these days as liberals and conservatives just shout insults at each other and so much war and violence pervades the Earth: Can't we all just get along?

Well, can't we?
Tags: car, politics, war

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