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daveseeker and I forged ahead today and saw Harry Potter together after having lunch at Hobees "over the hill" as we say in our south bay area. I am sick still from whatever my co-workers were passing around but I didn't want the free day to go to waste. It turned out to be a good day and mellow evening and I got myself a new keyboard because the one I had mangles some symbols I frequently need to use. The new one has a light so when I'm posting in dim light now I'll be able to see.

It's been a stormy weekend with flooding in various places. I wish we could have sent Oklahoma some of our rain. The tree in front of our former home on Broadway fell down. It'll be weird to not see it anymore when we drive by.

My headache stayed in the background today. That was a welcome relief; I'd rather have the cold symptoms, thank you very much. I can be more functional while sniffling and coughing than with a migraine.

I'd seen Harry Potter previously but I was happy to see it again. I really think that people need to not bring their young kids to see it, though. From this movie on out they're all going to be too scary and violent for small kids. That's just the way it is. They can wait and see them when they're older.

But then, some people don't seem to parent these days. Too bad they can't also stop themselves from having children.
Tags: fun, harry potter, storms

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