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All through this process of quitting my job I have had a variety of dreams about my work place and my employers and co-workers. Not surprising, of course. Any time one has a life transition one can expect to have related dreams. Last night's dream was all about how I'd forgotten to do something at work and so I just went in and started working to finish it up. I suppose that with the exit interview and the questions that were raised I have some sense of unfinished business, or else I am obviously not finished with the business of moving on. It's interesting to step back from this process once in awhile and simply observe it from a distance. There was the initial fear and panic when I made the decision, then I re-evaluated the decision in a sort of bargaining phase (maybe I could stay if), then the conclusion that no, I really can't stay. That led to resignation about my resignation, if you will. Then I imagined myself already away from there and not having to do the unpleasant tasks.

This is a coping strategy I employ when I move from a physical location--I start detaching from the old one by keeping my focus on the negatives of that place rather than remembering the positives. Next I began to imagine the possible positives about finding another job--maybe I could do some work from home (when I have migraines). Maybe I could have a window to the outside somewhere within sight, even if I end up in a cube. Maybe we'd have more than 5 sick days.

I entered the final stage when I gave notice and then told my co-workers. The phase of letting go and saying goodbye. I have worked out ways to stay in touch, I think, so it won't be a permanent goodbye. But I won't be seeing them as often and that's really sad. Then the exit interview, and my sadness about the miscommunication. Yet that may have been a blessing in disguise. Along the way I realized I was excited to do something new and different and got in touch with how bored I was with my job. I dived in to learning HR precisely because it was a chance to learn something new, not because it's so exciting all by itself. Though I did enjoy the challenge sometimes of figuring out how a law might apply to a real life situation. I enjoyed payroll also. It's a lot of fun making sure your co-workers get paid, assuming you like them--as I did and still do.

Now I have to finish the letting go process and figure out what kind of job would suit my abilities and interests. I'm trying to identify what kinds of things I enjoy and what I prefer to have minimal amounts of in my job.

I do like:

solving puzzles--ie. researching problems or situations to figure out what happened and how to solve it.

data entry--I like a bit of data entry in my day because I can kick up the music and relax, go on autopilot, and just enter. But I wouldn't want 100 per cent of that. Maybe 20% max. Same with other rote tasks like mailings. It's relaxing.

writing/editing/proofreading--plays to my strengths although I hate having to give negative feedback.

designing processes--figuring out how things should be done for maximum convenience and minimal errors.

some mix of human contact and solitude--I wouldn't want to go back to full time customer service because that drains me, I am on the cusp of introversion/extroversion and in terms of energy I am introverted. But I do like some social interaction with either co-workers or customers and a workplace that allows for a bit of co-worker bonding.

I wish I knew more about manipulating and creating graphics without having to be an actual artist. I enjoy graphics and have been trying to do a bit more with them in my personal life so I'd love to get some training on the job.

I have good attention to detail whether it is words or numbers, and I am happy to apply that to my job as well.

I enjoy reading and learning about laws though I don't want to be a lawyer (I doubt I have the time or money for law school, for one thing).

Chance to learn skills outside of bookkeeping/HR, add to my toolbox.

Good benefits. 10 or more sick days, good HR department or person. :)

Natural light/well lit workplace especially in winter.

Pleasant surroundings in terms of color, space and decor.

Nice co-workers

Don't like:


managing people or offering criticism--too soft hearted and hate conflict.

full time customer service (high stress when you run into unhappy ones).

making or receiving tons of phone calls (I am shy on the phone but will do it when I must).

too much noise or distraction in my environment--I have a slight attention deficit problem and need more quiet to focus.

uptight rule-bound workplaces or too lax, don't-know-where-you-stand workplaces. There is a happy medium I'm aiming for.

I would appreciate any ideas of jobs that might be within my reach that more or less fit this list of likes/dislikes. And starting in mid-February I'll appreciate actual leads if you live near Monterey Bay, especially if you have a heads' up early on that a position is opening up soon.
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